Response to Prompt 3 Romanticism


Humans have done whatever they want regardless of their surrounding environment since the beginning of time; however, we are just now becoming aware of the repercussions. Of course, humans think they have the most value on this planet because of our ability to rationalize. Humans gave humans the right to place value on things. To further understand this concept, look into Immanuel Kant’s ethical theories. To my knowledge, no other creature has even considered creating ethical guidelines. Humans are like any other animals and are born with selfish instincts. Anthropocentrists must realize that we should take care of the environment because it provides for us. It is important to note, that we should respect animals not only for their uses but also because they can feel pain. No living creature with a nervous system should suffer through endless torture that can come from shark finning, vivisection, and so on. I believe we should provide rights and protect plants and animals that benefit our population so that we can continue to thrive. It is important to take note that we are not in an overall sense superior. We can be destroyed by a meteor just like any other species. And like other animals, we simply do what comes natural. Nevertheless, we need to start taking a step back and reevaluating our actions if we want to prolong our own survival on Earth. In conclusion, I believe it is rational thought, not romanticism, that will bring about the protection nature deserves and the survival humans desire.



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