Week 2 Response to Prompt 1


Instrumental value systems of nature have caused a divide between humans and all other living things. Even though weak anthropocentrism warrants a rational for use of nature for resources; it still only sees nature for what humans can take out. A separation is created because people do not see nature as having value if they cannot use it for something that they desire. This is contrasted by the intrinsic value of nature, which sees ecosystems as being valuable for what they are rather than what they possess. However, there is still a humanly assessed subjective intrinsic value which is different for every person. The objective intrinsic value is the only view that is independent of humans and evolutionarily independent. This makes defending intrinsic values difficult because it can also be subjective and not easily palpable. I believe that intrinsic value of nature is critical if the goal is preservation but unnecessary if conservation is desired. Intrinsic value is very firm in recognizing nature as more than resources so there should be not extraction rather than wise use in conservation.

I do not think that technological advances directly force a detachment between humans and nature but that is most likely what will happen. Technology can be used to make lives more environmentally friendly, but it may cause people to live in a bubble where they do not enjoy the outdoors. I believe that humans are connected to the planet in a certain intangible way and that long term separation will cause undesired effects on the human body and psyche. 


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  1. I see your point of view in this post and i like it. But I do have to point out that there are some people that may never have an intrinsic value for nature. No matter how much someone lectures to them, tries to show them the beauty of nature, or what we are in risk of loosing. It is scary to think that people could have no sense of moral responsibility in taking care of the environment and think they are entitled to exhaust these resources with their behaviors; but these type of people are everywhere and they have a right to their opinion as American citizens.I think we need to take a middle ground between these issues and persuade these instrumental value people using “instrumental thinking” words to attract their attention even though we are fighting for an intrinsic value. People with Instrumental value look for “what’s in it for me?” What’s it gonna do to my life? They want to know the possible course of action that will produce the most beneficial results. If we can apply technology to make the intrinsic and instrumental values satisfied that is the route to go. I personally feel technology can offer this to us. We need to keep moving forward.

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