Prompt 3 Romanticism


Romanticism and anthropocentrism can and, in my opinion, will have to find a middle ground if we are to survive in this planet while preserving the environment. White it is true that both points of view differ greatly from one other, their end objectives are compatible. Romantics want to live in a simpler time, when humans were closer to the planet. And anthropocentrics believe that humans are the central and more important creatures of the planet. Their end goals are not incompatible by any means, but both will have to make some compromises to live in a planet that they can be happy with.

Romanticist will have to accept technology, and use it to bring us “in tune” to the earth, utilizing technology and education to make it possible for humans and nature to share the planet in a sustainable manner. While antropocentirst will have to acknowledged that without a healthy planet humans will not be able to survive. If they truly believe humans are the most important creature in the planet, then they must understand that preserving the environment, even if it is at the cost of some human comforts, is necessary for the preservation of the species as a whole .

It is necessary for opposing points of view to acknowledged each other, and it is often that behind different beliefs a same final goal hides. But in order for this to happen education would be the most important step that needs to be taken. Educate people about the importance of the environment, and educate people in the different perspectives that exist.


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  1. I really like you view on this issue. I find it very unbiased and presents a very middle-ground standpoint on the issue! Great job!

  2. I agree with your view that compromise is vital for the betterment of an end goal. I believe as you said, that “behind different beliefs a same final goal hides.” Many times it seems people are too prideful or set in their views to compromise with an opposing view. In most situations I uphold compromise in high esteem. This is not to say I don’t think a firm stance in certain circumstances is important, but I do think that moderation is key. Thus, I do see a middle ground between environmental romanticism and anthropocentrism and it is in the form of conservation and resource management. With conservation and resource management, the environment is upheld in such a way that humans are able to utilize the resources but not destroy them. Education, as you stated, is vital in the work towards accepting compromise.

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